Play It Forward only accepts good to excellent condition instruments

 to pass on to students wanting to learn and be inspired. 

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Portland Plays It Forward For Houston

School 6ft. Under Water

Hurricane Harvey left their school 6ft under water destroying over $2,000,000.00 worth of instruments and sheet music

Award Winning Music Programs

An incredible community that holds music education in the highest regard excelling to the highest achievements and awards.

Loss of Music

Every school with active music programs have large libraries of music accumulated of many years. The loss of all of their music  is valued well over $350,000.00

How We Can Help

You can help by donating a quality instrument for their programs and students or make a donation to help replace their instruments and sheet music library.

What They Need

Two grand pianos, 4 upright pianos, drum set, 2 pedal harps, violins, cellos, Contra basses, electric keyboards,trumpets, trombones, french horn, flutes, clarinets, oboes,bassoons,percusiion instruments, guitars...

TWO - Fundraising Events - Camas WA. Nov. 19th / Portland OR. Nov. 21st.


The Story Of Houston

On August 25th, we all began watching the news of Hurricane Harvey unfold as one of our great cities flooded and hundreds of thousands of dwellings and businesses were devastated and leaving 10’s of thousands homeless.  Then, in the midst of this storm, this video emerged on Twitter:

Michael and I watched and wished we could do something, but wondered how to even begin.  The morning of September 1st, however, brought a welcome surprise as we received a phone call from Gary Brown, a West Linn resident and father to Kelly Wells, a Houston teacher at Kingwood High School who hales from the Pacific Northwest..  She had called her father on the phone the day before and told her family that she was worried that musical instruments would not be prioritized in the midst of all the damage, which prompted him to telephone Play It Forward.  

We took this concern to our board of directors who immediately jumped into action and we now have two fundraising concerts scheduled, one in Camas on November 19th and one in Portland November 21st.

Since that August morning, we have watched the Columbia Gorge burn, Florida flood, Puerto Rico devastated, North Korea threaten us with war capabilities and Northern California fires burn thousands of homes to the ground.  With all of this chaos going on in the world we have decided to focus our compassion towards an achievable goal that will make a difference for Kingwood High School in Houston Texas.

We are thrilled to welcome Kelly Wells to the stage and hear of her experiences and the experiences of her students as they recover from one of the worst storms in our recent times that left their community and school 6ft. under water.

Marietta Harrison
Play It Forward, Executive Director


“….the patterns in music - and all the arts - are the keys to learning.”      - Plato